The Bulgarian Retinology Society is a voluntary organization of specialist doctors and specialists in the field of ophthalmology with an interest in the diagnosis, clinic, treatment and prevention of retinal diseases, as well as the rehabilitation of visual disturbances resulting from these diseases.

The purpose of the BRS is to unite specialists in retinal diseases and ophthalmologists at the beginning of their careers to increase the level of their professional training, development of scientific achievements and prevention of preventable blindness.

Our mission is also based on the cause of achieving and maintaining transparency about the information we collect about you, how this information is used and shares and your rights regarding your personal data.

When using the BRS website and any of our services, you should be aware that we use the personal data provided by you in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws.

By using the BRS website, you agree to the use of cookies in your browser that do not contain your personal data. More information about cookies can be found in our Cookies Policy

BRS uses the services of other companies to provide and maintain its services. This includes services such as cloud storage, email, archive and support, etc. 

BRS uses only trusted partners who share our values and our commitment to your privacy. We will provide a list of these partners on our website within the term of the entry into force of the current changes to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy – May 25, 2018

For some of its services, BRS uses trusted partners that can transfer and process data to users in countries outside the European Union, and in this connection BRS takes care that any consumer information is transferred in accordance with applicable legislation and the most secure possible way. We will provide a list of these web sites on the Website at the time of the entry into force of the current changes to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy – May 25, 2018


When you use our services, we collect information to make it better for you and therefore we collect the following:

1. Activities you perform in BRS:

  • Activities and positions that are of your interest;
  • Emails and notifications you receive from us;
  • Video clips you watch;
  • Ads you watch
  • Your phone
  • Your location;
  • Device information;
  • Data about the cookies used by BRS

2. Elements you create in BRS:

  • Personal messages you send and receive using the services;
  • Profile information you add;
  • Alerts you send;
  • Information you send;
  • Contacts you add;

3. Elements that identify you

To send a message or alert to BRS, you must enter a minimum of personal information that includes: your first and last name, phone number, email, and city where you live or your message is addressed.

The provision of other personal information in your account is entirely at your discretion.

The contents of the BRS site are accessible to any Internet user and access is not dependent on any consent to the processing of personal data. If you decide not to provide the minimum data required to send a message or alert, you will not be able to send a message or alert, but you will be able to access the website.

BRS keeps your personal data for the period until you decide to withdraw your consent in part or in full. If you choose to delete some of your information, it may take up to 1 month to delete all of your information from our systems. For legal reasons, we need to keep track of your consent to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and your consent to use your data for information purposes for a longer period.


1. We provide the best services by constantly improving and developing BRS:

We use your data to provide, personalize, and maintain our activities for you or the organization on behalf of which you use our services. 

2. Information activities:

BRS may use the personal information you have shared with us to offer you targeted content that may include profiled information. We will ask for your consent for the following possible activities:

(1) Receive a periodic newsletter with useful information at an email you specify. The newsletter would contain articles, news, discussion, training, and other topics, according to your interests. The bulletin may contain profiled content. You can unsubscribe at any time through your account settings. 

(2) Receive notifications of personal messages from BRS to the email you specify. These notifications contain profiled content, but you can block senders if you do not want to receive them. You can unsubscribe email notifications at any time by sending a message to 

(3) Receive invitations to events, questionnaires and other activities carefully designed for you on the email you provide. These invitations may contain profiled content. You can unsubscribe from email invitations at any time by sending a message to


1. Your safety comes first in everything we do:

We work hard to protect our users’ interest in unauthorized access or unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of information we store, and to introduce safeguards to protect user information through:

– we use the highest quality standards in the industry;

– we use physical protection measures to prevent unauthorized access to our systems;

– We restrict access to personal information to employees, contractors, and others who need to know this information to process it. They are subject to strict contractual obligations of confidentiality, data processing procedures and internal rules and may be disciplined if they fail to comply with all of these obligations;

– We regularly monitor our systems of probable vulnerabilities and attacks;

2. How we prevent damage and respond to legal inquiries:

We introduce various security measures for the security of the user’s personal data. In the event of an established risk or unauthorized access to data or a signal from a user (for security risk / unauthorized access), we will take all possible measures to limit the risk and conduct an investigation, to correct security weaknesses / breakthroughs and to inform state institutions of protection of personal data in accordance with the law.

We do not provide “cloaked” data access to our users or servers that store their data to government institutions, but we can give them access, keep and share your information in response to a legal request (such as a court order or others) if the law obliges us to do so.


Your right to control your personal information is very important to us. We therefore give you the opportunity to request the deletion of the information you provide and by your willingness to modify or delete any information you provide to us by sending us an email at

Please, refrain from sharing sensitive personal information about yourself in the information you share.


1. Sending profiled content based on user preferences:

This is a major part of our business. We only use data to inform you, but we do not provide your personal data to third parties.

We offer our users targeted content based on their interests. These recommendations may include invitations, items, articles, events, discussions, trainings, links to other users, or pages to follow. We do not use automated profiling for any other purpose. 

2. Communication:

We use data and content to communicate, popularizing our activities through communication with specialized journalists and through the following possible methods: periodic newsletter; internal messaging system; desktop computer notifications notifications on a mobile device; banners, invitations to events, discussions, trainings, questionnaires; content recommendation.

We give you the opportunity to opt out of these messages at any time.


BRS respects your privacy rights and does its best to protect you. In this regard, please note that:

1. You may request that your personal data be used for any purpose other than that for which you have expressly agreed and only in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws.

2. You may request a correction of your personal data.3. Може да поискате копие на всички лични данни, съхранявани в BRS.

3. You may limit in any way or completely withdraw your consent.

4. You may request the deletion of any individual or all collected personal information about you (the right to be forgotten).

5. You may want to access the information you use, correct it, use human intervention, express your opinion, object and challenge a decision about you when the decision is based solely on automated processing that produces legal consequences affecting You or other consequences that affect you equally.

6. You may want to not be a communicator.

7. You may want to know the place where your personal data is stored.

8. You may request that your personal data not be sent or shared with third countries outside the European Union unless there are adequate safeguards to protect your personal data.

9. You may request that your personal information be transferred to a third party in a standard format.

10. You may request information and assistance from us regarding the use of your personal data and your rights.

11. You may file a complaint about your rights to state institutions for the protection of personal data.


Please read our Privacy Policy carefully and give your consent to using, storing and processing your personal information in order to find a solution to the problem you have been addressing. You may restrict or completely withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that this does not affect the legality of all actions performed by BRS before withdrawal of consent. If you withdraw your consent, BRS will not delete the information, but will only stop using your data for the information activities described in Section III, Item 2.


We may periodically change / update this Privacy Policy, the General Terms and Conditions, and the Cookies Policy. If we make any changes, we will notify you through our website tools and / or other means to allow you to review the changes before they come into effect. If you object to any of the changes, you may discontinue using the website as a user. If you continue to use our page after the notice period has expired and the changes have taken effect, this will mean that you have agreed to the amended / updated Privacy Policy, General Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy.

If you disagree with these changes, you should stop using the website in accordance with paragraph 9 of the General Terms and Conditions.

If necessary, we will again request your consent to process your personal information.


If you need assistance with your rights, this Privacy Policy or would like to inform us about identified risk / unauthorized access or potential risk / unauthorized access to data protection, please contact us: BRS, administrator of personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 and within the meaning of Bulgarian law at the following e-mail address:

When a user connects to BRS for better quality feedback, he may be asked for additional information to help him / her.