Members of BRS

Art. 8. (1) Members of BRS can be ophthalmologists, doctors specializing in eye diseases, doctors with other specialties, as well as non-profit legal entities operating in the field of ophthalmology.

Art. 9. Membership in the BRS is voluntary, with no restrictions on members’ political, ethnic or religious affiliation.


Art. 10. (1) Persons who meet the requirements of this statute as members of BRS are accepted by decision of the Management Board (BoD) based on a written application signed by the candidate for admission or submitted by e-mail, to which evidence of the fulfillment of the requirements of this statute is attached..

Members’ rights and obligations

Equality of members

Art. 11. All members of the BRS are equal in terms of the rights and obligations set forth in these statutes.

Art. 12. (1)  Members’ of BRS rights:

  1. to elect and be elected to the management bodies of the company and the scientific branch in which they are members;
  2. to elect and be elected as delegates to national and international congresses and conferences;
  3. to take part in events organized by the company;
  4. to collaborate in scientific and popular magazines at home and abroad;
  5. to receive scientific information from the Management of BRS and SBMS;
  6. to appeal to the control commission within 14 days the decisions of the Management Board on their exclusion;

(2) The rights under para. 1, items 1-4 are exercised, taking into account the limitations provided for in this statute.

Obligations of members

Art. 13. (1) Each BRS member is obliged to:

  1. to comply with the statute and internal acts of the association;
  2. to implement the decisions of the general meeting and the Management Board;
  3. to regularly pay the annual membership fee within the term and amount specified in these statutes;
  4. to make constant efforts to increase the level of his general and special medical knowledge;
  5. to monitor achievements in ophthalmology and apply them in its activities;
  6. to actively participate in the activities of the association by regularly attending the meetings and delivering announcements, reports and results of their scientific studies and positive experience from their practice;
  7. with his behavior not to damage the prestige of the association and the medical profession;

Membership fee

Art. 14. (1)  Each member of BRS is obliged to pay the membership fee determined by the general assembly.

Art. 15.  The amount of the membership fee is determined by the general meeting, and when the company is established by the founding meeting.

Art. 16.  (1) The membership fee for the entire year is paid in full for the respective year by March 30. When holding a general meeting of the association after January 1, but before March 30, the membership fee for the relevant year must be paid at least 5 days before the date of the meeting, and in case of non-payment, the Art. 19.

(2) Persons accepted as members of the association after March 30 shall pay their membership fee within 10 (ten) days from the submission of the application for their admission, and the amount of the membership fee payable by them for the year of their admission is proportional to the months remaining until the end of the year, with the membership fee determined by the general meeting due for each month.

Section II

Termination of membership

Grounds for termination of membership

Art. 17. (1) Termination of membership in BRS could be:

  1. unilaterally – with a written statement submitted to the management board or by non-payment of the membership fee for two consecutive years within the period provided for in the statute, and in these cases the termination occurs from the moment of receipt of the statement by the Board, respectively from the expiration of the period for the payment of the membership fee;
  2. with the termination of the legal entity, its declaration of liquidation or its declaration of bankruptcy – the termination occurs from the date of the termination, respectively the entry of the decision for liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy;
  3. in the event of the death of a member-natural person – the termination occurs from the date of death, and the membership is not inherited;
  4. upon loss of the rights of a doctor – ophthalmologist or specialist according to the procedure provided by law – in this case, the suspension occurs from the entry into force of the act by which the person lost the relevant capacity;
  5. in case of non-payment of membership fees – in accordance with the provisions of this statute;
  6. in case of exclusion – in this case, the termination occurs from the date of entry into force of the decision of the Management Board, respectively of the Management Board in case of appeal, the decision of the Management Board. 

(2)     The termination of membership under items 1 and 3 is determined by a decision of the BRS Management Board.

(3)    In the cases under para. 1, item 1 and item 4 (upon restoration of rights) membership is acquired again in the order of admission of new members.


Art. 18. (1) A member of the association may be expelled due to:

  1. systematic violation of the statutes and internal acts of BRS;
  2. behavior or actions that damage the prestige of our association of the medical profession;
  3. a decision to exclude is also accepted in the cases under para. 1, items 2 and 4 of the previous article. 

(2)        The expulsion decision is made by the BRS Management Board, stating the behavior of the member that served as a basis for his expulsion, the prerequisites for the expulsion, the reasons of the Board and the results of the voting in the Board of the expulsion issue.

(3) The decision to exclude may be appealed by the excluded member to the General Assembly, for which purpose an extraordinary general assembly is convened or the matter is considered at a regular General Assembly if one is convened. The excluded member has the right to present his opinion before the general assembly within no more than 20 minutes, after which voting is started.

Suspension of membership

Art. 19. (1) A member of the association who has not paid his membership fee in the manner, in the amount and within the period provided for in this statute loses his right to be elected to the association’s bodies, as well as his right to vote in the meetings of the general meeting for the relevant year. Such a member of the association has the right to attend the meetings of the general assembly in the relevant year without the right to vote.

(2) In order to automatically restore his suspended rights under the previous sentence, the member of the association must pay the annual membership fee for both years for which he did not pay it.