The goals of BRS are: 

  1. To assist in the development and confirmation of the achievements of Bulgarian medicine in the field of retinal pathology; 
  2. To support the implementation of activities for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with retinal diseases and prevention of blindness; 
  3. To work for the implementation of health education of the population in order to improve the quality of life of all people with retinal diseases; 
  4. To work for the development of scientific activity in the field of retinology; 
  5. To support the activity of doctors – specialists in the field of retinal diseases; 
  6. To implement in medical practice the latest achievements in the field of prevention and treatment of retinal diseases; 
  7. To develop the scientific interests, to stimulate the theoretical, practical and scientific developments of its members; 
  8. To assist in the training of specialists in the field of retinal pathology to increase their qualifications by organizing scientific events (congresses, conferences, etc.) together with similar foreign organizations; 
  9. To participate in the activities of international scientific organizations in ophthalmology; 
  10. To support the development of young and talented ophthalmic personnel using specializations in the country and abroad; 
    Organization of charity events to support doctors, medical specialists if necessary.