Dr. Irina Kuneva

“Zora” Medical Center, Sofia, ophthalmologist specialist

Previous place of employment: “Pentagram” Specialized Eye Hospital, Ophthalmic Department of  “Tokuda” General Hospital

Master of Medicine, Sofia University
Ophthalmologist, MU-Sofia, specialization at Tsaritsa Joanna UMBAL
Doctor of Medicine, Sofia University
Master in Health Policy and Management, MU-Sofia

In Bulgaria

Fluorescein angiography of the eye
Laser therapy of eye diseases
Diabetic retinopathy – diagnosis and treatment
Plastic surgery of eyelids
Ultrasound diagnostics in ophthalmology
Glaucoma – diagnosis and treatment
Contusive and penetrating eye injuries
Eye burns – diagnosis and treatment
Application of OCT in ophthalmology

Outside Bulgaria:
Vitreoretinal training school, Dresden, Germany 2012
Mahatme Eye Hospital, Napgur, India, 2010
University Hospital Charite, Berlin, Germany, 2008
Chibanishi-General Hospital, KanegasakuMatsudocity, Japan, 2006

Member of:
Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology
National Glaucoma Association
European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)
EuropeanVitreoRetinalSociety(EVRS) European Society of Retina Specialists(EURetina)